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1. To avoid injury and strengthen weaknesses

Why do I need a personal trainer? Do I need a well, carelessly, and even dangerously.  If you have not learned the many traps and fallacies, you can encounter while training, the risk of falling into one of these traps is high. A professional trainer will be the best protection from overloads or injuries. Especially if you have previous injuries or weaknesses. When a particular body part needs to be protected, personal trainers know alternative exercises to achieve the desired training goals. Having a personal trainer as a reliable spotter is also necessary to avoid injuries when lifting heavyweights. A certified personal trainer is vital to individualize a training program that may need further progression after rehabilitation sessions.  

2. A certified personal trainer will not only check your vital signs.

A certified personal trainer will not only check your vital signs but do a complete health screening to assess your optimal level of training before the beginning of your program. This includes blood pressure, heart rate, vital lung capacity, and aerobic fitness level. They will subsequently keep monitoring your progress and your physical fitness. Most of all, they will keep a keen eye on any stresses that can do more harm than good in the pursuit of your schedule. Personal trainers are your best protection from any accidents. Should anything happen to you despite all care and precaution, your trainer is also your first respondent who is always by your side to help you immediately.

3. To teach you new training skills and techniques

There are fundamental movement skills that are important for every person starting a new fitness program. A personal trainer can take beginners and advanced clients to continuously higher levels of training and ability. Indispensable for people wishing to go on to group exercise programs or progress to training on their own because, once on your own, it is too late to learn the subtle details and techniques of safe and effective exercising. New skills and continuous revisions of exercises are necessary to monitor weaknesses that need to strengthing. Personal trainers keep your training interesting.

4. Personal trainers are educators

The industry is in constant change, and there are a lot of fads and fashions. Your trainer will be your guide through the jungle of information. He or she is always up to date to provide sound, proven information in all areas.  Nutrition, self-management, weight loss, various health issues, and all other vital areas monitored for the complete success of your fitness program. Only certified trainers are a reliable source for all these needs.

5. To help you achieve your goals more rapidly, safely, and effectively.

Whether your goal is focused on weight loss, preparing for a marathon, or gaining strength for a particular trip, your trainer will keep you honest. A personal trainer will hold you accountable for your goals! Once you have scheduled a session, its real, and you have someone and something to look forward too. Personal trainers help you create a structure to exercise and achieve your outcome effectively. A certified personal trainer can give you valuable feedback.  They can provide valuable input to creating SMART goals:  Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely.




6. A personal trainer makes working out fun.

Whether you like to train at your own home or gym, you decide which is the most fun. Not only are personal trainers there to help you achieve your goals they are there every step of the way.  They have your back. They are your social support, a friend that makes it fun to exercise. They cheer you up when you need cheering, they listen to your concerns and provide that conversation that helps you get your bearings in life. Their attention is on you.

7. A personal trainer will push you when you can’t push yourself.

Pushing your body to a higher level invariably pushes your mood to a higher level. Your trainer knows your limits and plans your training accordingly. A personal trainer helps you to discover your limits and helps you to be proud of yourself.  When training on your own you are likely to quit when you think you have had enough.  A personal trainer will push you that little bit more to show you how much you have in you when you are driven. The personal trainer will also hold you back when they see that you have reached your healthy limit. That is how your personal trainer will help you overcome any plateau.

8. The personal trainer helps you gain a deeper awareness of your body and your total self

Movement and feedback from your trainer help you to connect deeper with your body.  Waking up your body to exercise, if you have been sedentary, provides a whole new awareness. Being questioned by your trainer about how you feel during and after your training session is the way to more self-awareness. The subtle adjustments needed for good technique are helpful.  Hands-on stretching by your personal trainer is important for recovery. Self-awareness empowers you to deal with all aspects of your life.

9. A personal trainer helps you to develop confidence.

If you are intimidated to enter the gym, a personal trainer will take you by the hand and introduce you to the gym or studio and its community. He or she will make you feel comfortable and confident. Training with your personal trainer builds self-confidence and develops your self-efficacy.  It may be a long-term personal training experience, intermittent or a short-term experience.  A personal trainer will always raise your confidence to make lasting changes in your life. Your pride and self-confidence may well increase to the level where you share your experience with your friends and even guide them to follow your example.

10. A personal trainer refers you to the right specialists

They will know whom to refer you to.  They have already trained in their present area long enough to be acquainted with the best partners for your needs. Coach Lil is Lila Ristevska is the creator of the OZZYBALL ® OzzyBall Training System © Tel. 561 713 6403 Website:
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