We All Need Hugs –

Human beings are social animals. We evolved as warm, fuzzy creatures that have been hugging for some 60 million years of our primate evolution.

We stuck together. That was our strength. Hugging was part of our ritual that bonded our communities tightly and powerfully. We also needed to keep warm. Hugging has proven to have immediate hormonal effects that directly impact our mind and body.

Oxytocin influences controlling energy metabolism, appetite regulation, thermo regulation, and metabolic homeostasis. (Hug to manage weight).

The effects are more marked in the early formative years of children and are more vital for their healthy growth and development. Once we grow age, they expect us to fend for ourselves and no longer depend on too many hugs.

Could that be a significant flaw in our modern societies? I think so.

Hugs Create Smarter Kids.

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