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Yoga Instructor of Palm Beach

Coach Lil is a Retired International Olympia, who loves yoga and teaching stretching to keep the muscles flexible and protecting the body. Coach Lil will show you how to hinge your body. So when you move, you’re intoned with your core, experiencing with better balance.

Personal Yoga Instructor

Workout at the office, beach or at home. Olympic international brings all her years of experience to get your body. Stronger, leaner, and more flexible. Complete yoga Workout for beginners to advance. Any age and body fitness.

Senior Personal Trainers

Get Strong with Coach Lil easy yoga for body strengthen and balance. Coach Lil is very passionate about helping seniors stay strong and keep your body moving. She is extremely caring and full of knowledge about the body and how to stretch the muscles so you get the benefit of the muscles getting toned without the strenuous workouts.


Best Yoga Teacher Training in Palm Beach

Coach Lil – Lila Ristevska

Yoga Studio

Yoga Instructor in Palm Beach, Personalized, Custom Workout. Made with your body’s limitations or personal body fitness goals.

Palm Beach On the Beach, AT the office or private home. We come to you. Private Yoga Instructor Coach Lil will bring what is needed for the yoga lesson.  Lessons are customized to your needs and fitness goals.

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Yoga Instructor of Palm Beach

Retired Olympian has specialized Yoga training to get you in the best shape of your life.

Yoga Training Near Me

Modern Yoga such as Bikram yoga was largely developed out of Sivananda Yoga.

Coach Lil will take you through the Sivananda Yoga method. Lil has an instructional and hands-on approach to teaching the yoga Asanas (exercises).
Lila completed 500 hours to achieve her yoga certification in Sivananda Yoga at the Yoga and Inner Peace Center in Lake worth Florida.

Sivananda Yoga Near Me

Sivananda Yoga is a non-proprietary form of traditional Hatha yoga founded by Swami Vishnudevananda, based on the teachings of his beloved guru Swami Sivananda. It is based on the principles of the 5 points and 4 paths of yoga.

The 5 points of yoga consist of:

  1. Proper Exercises (Asanas)
  2. Proper Breathing (Pranayama)
  3. Proper Relaxation (Savasana)
  4. Proper Diet and Positive thinking (Vedanta)
  5. Meditation Coach  (Dhyana).



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Private Yoga Lessons

Modern Yoga such as Bikram yoga was largely developed out of Sivananda Yoga.

The 4 paths of Yoga:

Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga, the yoga of action teaches us how to work and serve others selflessly without attachment and ego. The attitude and motive here are most important while doing the action.

Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti yoga is the path of devotion and channeling emotion into love. It is a higher level of consciousness through which we become connected to God and attain self-realization. This practice helps to fill us with humility, compassion and unconditional love. Bhakti yoga helps us see the universe as a manifestation of the divine.

Raja Yoga

Raja yoga aims at the purification and control of thought-waves or mental
modifications of the mind. Raja yoga is based on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

Jnana Yoga

Jnana yoga or the science of the self is the intellectual approach to spiritual
evolution. It is based on the teachings of Vedanta (a philosophical system of non- duality)



Yoga for Beginners

Private Yoga Instructor will teach you yoga for your body and your fitness level. Go at your speed, not the speed of the class. A personalized yoga workout that will stretch your body and make more flexible. A flexible body gains more stability and helps strengthen the body without weight.

Online Yoga Workouts

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Private Stretching Yoga Near Me

Private Stretching Yoga Near Me Stretch Therapy

Coach Lil has the most practical approach to stretching based on her training in Sivananda Yoga, Gyrokinesis® and the OzzyBall®.

The sessions help the body regain or develop a better range of motion and release density by stretching with the “Mashing Massage Method” developed by the “Genius of Flexibility”.

Stretching Zone

Coach Lil also uses foam rollers, “Yamuna”® balls, Melt balls® and the Spinal Rejuvenator® to assist clients with stretching and rolling.

Ultimate Full Body Stretching Workout

Spinal Stretching for Pain, the ultimate Full Body Stretching Workout  helps to release tight muscles and connective tissue densities that may cause pain and discomfort in the body. Lila also has vast experience in spinal stretching, neck, feet and hand treatment.

Yoga Coaching

Personal Yoga trainer, Coach Lil is your yoga master who teaches Yoga to students and Clints is a Certified Yoga Instructor, will join you at your gym or a local yoga Studio, Beach sunrise class on Palm Beach. 

Private Yoga Instructor

Retired Olympian is you personal yoga trainer with a proven training

to get you in the best shape of your life.

Stay Motivated to Reach your Fitness Goals Call Now to Book Your Appointment. 

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