Coach Lil

Hi, I’m Lila Ristevska (Lil) a retired Olympic level Freestyle Wrestler from Australia

The OzzyBall system is the single most effective fitness plan you’ll ever experience. The OzzyBall system prepared me to compete internationally and is still a platform for my personal training. The OzzyBall provides superior strength, flexibility, endurance and allows you to conquer your toughest opponent yourself.

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What Is The OzzyBall
and what is the OzzyBall System?

The most fun you can have exercising.
The most practical.
The most effective.

The OzzyBall System. It’s also the simplest, safest and lowest cost training device.  In addition, it will fit in your suitcase or carry on.  On an OzzyBall you can even be training your posture and your back muscles when your not even thinking of training.

Just use it as a chair.  That is not all.  Once your kids see it you may discover new ways to use it as a toy for years.

The OzzyBall System is a workout program designed for the OzzyBall. 

The OzzyBall System is developed by Lila Ristevska.  It incorporates yoga, functional strength training, core strength development, and spinal motions. It is ideal for athletes.

OzzyBall is also excellent for all people who need to increase their range of motion, get fit and stay healthy.  It develops a strong mind and body connection promoting health and vitality.


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