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Coaching for your personal sport or training interest of bodybuilding for competition. To sports training for endurance and strength. Coach Lil has been involved in our Palm Beach community for 20+ years.

Her proven strategies of building the core and strengthening the muscles are unique in the field of personal body training. She personally guarantees you will gain strength and endurance once going through her training program designed with your goals in mind.

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Professional Athletes, you can still stay safe and not lose your professional edge. Stay strong with Virtual personal training with Coach Lil on your Computer, Phone or Tablet.

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Lila Ristevska –High-Performance Training for Sports

Because golf predominantly uses one-sided of the body this creates an overuse of that one side which results in injury and pain.   This can cause an imbalance in strength and flexibility. Also, you may need general conditioning to help with strength, power, balance, flexibility to develop that golf swing or to get started. 

You need – flexibility (is the ability of muscles to lengthen) and mobility  (is the ability of a joint to move actively through a range of motion) in the; hips, back, shoulders.

  • Strong glutes (glutenous maxims and glutenous minims) (buttocks) for the power of the drive
  • Strongback and abdominal’s (core muscles)
  • The abdominal muscles (transverse abdominal muscles), oblique muscles, and rectos abdominal are needed to help stabilize the spine and create the power of the swing
  • The strength and shoulder mobility (ie retraction of shoulder blades) is important in golf also.  

Coach Lil’s program can help with all the above.

Using the OzzyBall System as well as Yoga, functional training, strength training, and rehabilitation.

Golf Personal Trainer -Coach Lil

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