Body Shaping Class

Body Shaping Class

What would you do to have a flat stomach and Fit legs? Almost any girl would love Coach Lil’s Body Shaping results with her motivating, life-changing routine.

Body Shaping Class Core Conditioning Non-Aerobic Muscle toning focused on core strength. I was sculpting with the OzzyBall technique, exercise bands, dumbbells.

Personalized plans are made just for you. You will quickly see why her plan drives results with all the benefits of more energy, better health that will keep you coming back for more so while your body is getting ready for bathing suit season. You’re going to love the shape your body is in, both inside and out.

Exercise Habit

You are just 21 days from a lifestyle change that will have you fitting into any outfit you can imagine in no time at all. Coach Lil has body shaping plans for every age and body shape. She will keep you motivated to get through the workouts.

Beach Body Workouts

Be sure to take before and after pictures for our website because your beach body is just around the corner—exercise at the beach, office, or the gym.  

Workouts for your your whole body at work, home or beach. 

  • Strong Back Workout

  • Firm Arms Session

  • Tight flat Belly Workout

  • Strong Shapely Legs.

Coach Lil has the power moves to work out more than one body part at the same time. Giving cardio and powerlifting at the same time. Now that’s time efficient!



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