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Personal Trainer

Personal training Plan

High Performance Fitness 

Resistance Training

Transform Your Body and Life

  • All Sports Training 
  • Golf High Performance Training 


    Fitness Coach

    Resistance Training

    Strengthening your muscles by use of your own body weight or force. Training with free forms of resistance using:

    • Free Weights
    • Weight Machines
    • Resistance Bands
    • Your own Body Weight




    Sivananda Yoga

    Complete Yoga Workout for beginners to advanced. Any age and body fitness.


    Health Consultant

    Health Coach

    Complete food fitness with personal workouts. Authority and Supportive Mentor. Helping Clients feel their best with lifestyle and food change. Customized for the individual. Clean Eating Lifestyle heal your body with food. 


    Meditation Instructor

    Meditation Instructor

    Coach Lil has further developed an individualized approach to meditation which releases worries and stresses.achieved through:

    • Breathing,
    • Writing (journaling),
    • Intuitive movement,
    • Connecting to the body and affirmations.


    Life Coach

    Life Coach

    Expert Life Coach form Lessons Learned from Tony Robbins Secret Formula. 

    • Business Leadership
    • Personal Growth Plan 
    • Personal Development


    OzzyBall System

    OzzyBall Fitness

    It incorporates yoga, functional strength training, core strength development, and spinal motions. It is ideal for athletes.

    • increase Range of Motion
    • Strengthen Core, Improve balance
    • Connection of Body and Mind 


    Competition Training

    • Women’s Physique Competition Training
    • Men’s Physique Competition Training
    • Figure Competition Training
    • Marathon Competition
    • Tough Mudder
    • Cross Fit Training


    CrossFit Training for the World’s Fittest Athletes

    Strength & Conditioning Training 


    My Story.
     My Mission.

    Coach Lil- High Performace Trainer

    Transform Your Body and Life 

    Mobility and Flexibility

    Fitness On Demand. Full Body Mobility Routine. Stay limber and invigorated with this routine. Customized to your fitness goals. Coach Lil will get you moving to prevent injury.

    Weight Loss Training

    Healthy Weight-loss Strategies made Simple. Beginner to Advanced Coach Lil training meal plan strategies. Customized to your weight loss goals.

    Strength Training

    The Best Strength Training Program. Cardio, Strength & Flexability. Bigger Leaner Stronger Program. From Beginner to Professional Atlete. Train with Coach Lil for the endurance needed in body and mind set.

    Personal Training Plan

    Fitness Coach

    Yoga Instructor

    Sport Training

    Meditation Instructor

    Health Consultant

    Senior Care

    What You Get



    A Coach that is devoted to your personal Fitness Goals

    Because golf predominantly uses one-sided of the body this creates an overuse of that one side which results in injury and pain.  

    This can cause an imbalance in strength and flexibility. Also, you may need general conditioning to help with strength, power, balance, flexibility to develop that golf swing or to get started.

    You need – flexibility (is the ability of muscles to lengthen) and mobility  (is the ability of a joint to move actively through a range of motion) in the; hips, back, shoulders.



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