Lila is an NSCA – CPT and FII Certified Personal Trainer.

Lila Ristevska, B. App. Sc. Human Movement and Associate Diploma of Applied Science in Fitness Leadership is the creator of the OzzyBall Training System.

 Lila is an NSCA – CPT, and FII Certified Personal Trainer. This makes Lila a specialist in the foundations of exercise, a fitness testing specialist, a strength and conditioning specialist, a nutrition and weight management specialist, an injury rehab specialist and a functional training specialist.

 During her studies, Lila was the national Australian wrestling champion and maintained that title to remain undefeated for fifteen consecutive years from 1991 to 2005.

 Coach Lil specializes and excels in individualized, bespoke, personal training programs for each client and also makes in-home training calls.

 Lila has clear goals for her clients. Her motto is:

“Be fit, be healthy, be happy, be in harmony with your world.”



  • Bachelor of Applied Science -Human Movement, Victoria University, Melbourne
  • Fitness Leadership-Associate Diploma, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association-Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT)
  • Lila is a CPT Certified Personal Trainer -Fitness Institute International-FII
  • Foundations of exercise, FII
  • Fitness Testing Specialist, FII
  • Strength and Conditioning Specialist, FII
  • Nutrition & Weight Management Specialist, FII
  • Injury Rehab Specialist, FII
  • Functional Training Specialist, FII
  • Over 25 Years experience as a Fitness/Personal Trainer
  • Yoga & Meditation Teacher-Yoga & Inner Peace
  • Gyrokinesis Certificate
  • USA Wrestling – Certified Coach
  • Access Consciousness Facilitator, Bars
  • Touch for Health
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
Coach Lil in her Olympic Stats in Ladies competition

  • Anthony Robbins- Mastery University
  • Self Discovery Technique- Florida
  • Landmark- Melbourne, Australia
  • Trained at the U.S. Olympic Training Center – Colorado OTC
  • Competed for Australia in Olympic qualifying events in 2004
  • Competed for Macedonia in Olympic qualifying events in 2008
  • Competed in World Wrestling Championships for 14 years from 1991 to 2005
  • Ranked 5th in the World 1995
  • Oceania Wrestling- Gold medalist- 1995, 1996, 2002,  Silver medalist- 1999
  • Commonwealth Wrestling Championships- Gold medalist 1993, 1994, 1995
  • Michigan International Open- Gold Medalist 1995
  • Canada Cup- Gold Medalist 1994
  • Asian Oceania Wrestling Championships- Silver Medalist 1999
  • Australian Judo championships- Silver medalist 1993, Bronze medalist 1994
  • USA Beach Wrestling Champion 2006
  • Fifteen times undefeated National Australian Wrestling Champion from 1991 to 2005


Throughout the years Lila has fully understood what science has now confirmed:

Any and all efforts of improving your life are best served by first moving your body and connecting to your body.

High-quality training has immediate effects on your mind and body.

Improving your fitness activates your metabolism and your hormones.

It improves your mood, your appetite, your sleep, your digestion and most other systems in your body. Besides improving your looks, your well being, your self efficacy and your outlook on life it even activates the growth of new nerve cells in the brain.


Coach Lil operates her company in Palm Beach and the local area since 2005.

In her 25 year career as a personal trainer, Lila has added an impressive list of victories and certifications to her encompassing education and experience: “Coach Lil” is now a Yoga & Meditation teacher, acquired a Gyrokinesis certificate, became a certified USA wrestling coach and an Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator.


Lil trained at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado and competed for Australia in Olympic qualifying events in 2004 and for Macedonia in Olympic qualifying events in 2008. She competed in World Wrestling Championships for fifteen years from 1991 to 2005, escalated to fifth in the world in 1995, won three gold medals in the Commonwealth Wrestling Championships and three gold medals in the Oceania Wrestling Championships. She won further Gold medals in the Canada Cup and the Michigan International Open as well as numerous silver and bronze medals. Outside of her main sport, Lila was the silver medalist in the Australian Judo Championships in 1993 and Bronze medalist in 1994.


Her personal workouts include Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, weight training, OzzyBall, Yoga, running and meditation.


Lila is a member of the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce, National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), the Fitness Institute International (FII), and The Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Palm Beach County.



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