Wake up your body, mind and world.

Wake up your body, mind and world.

Wake up your body, mind and world.

Wake up yiour body, mind and world. There are countless ways to get in shape. But it is hard to stay in shape when you don’t stay healthy. It is hard to stay healthy when you don’t stay happy. And it is hard to stay happy when you don’t stay in line and in harmony with your world.

Be Fit, Healthy, Happy and in Harmony with Your World. Why?

Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be in Harmony with your World Fitness can improve your health, your happiness and the harmony you experience in your world. Of course, these four subjects are all mutually supportive and they largely overlap to make up a complete person.  Most efforts in one area will fail as long as the minimum attention is not paid to all others. For this reason, all areas need some attention.  




So where do you start?

Here science is finally rewarding us with an amazing new insight: Apart from a cascade of beneficial, mood enhancing hormonal activity in the brain, moving your body is actually the best possible exercise for your brain. Even more surprising: This exercise leads to neurogenesis in the Hippocampus, improving learning and cognitive abilities. Just like your muscles, your brain actually grows new cells with vigorous exercise. Over a million students and twenty thousand teachers in the US and around the world are already spending more time exercising and less time in class, enhancing their academic achievements and national standardized test results. There is no age at which you cannot grow new nerve cells and enhance your mental and bodily abilities.

Life starts with exercising the body

These revolutionary insights are now proven in large-scale, worldwide studies and described by revolutionary thinkers like Harvard professor John J. Ratey, M.D., Eric Hagerman, Edward Hallowell, Richard Manning and many others, in books such as the national bestseller “Go Wild”. So the answer is now clear: Your new life starts with exercising your body. The best exercise for your brain is vigorous physical exercise. Your entire life will follow.

Give purpose to your life

With Lila’s training you will soon feel much closer to the purpose of your life: To live it more fully and to bloom and blossom and flourish*. Lila was undefeated Australian national wrestling champion for 15 years in a row. Wake up your body, mind, and world. a feat impossible to achieve if you’re not highly trained, healthy, superbly motivated and happy and in harmony with your world and the purpose of your life. It also shows how consistent and determined she was, maintaining all her attributes and abilities at that highest level for a decade and a half.

Live your life to the fullest

If you want your training to warrant consistent results and to change your life sustainably, Lila will take you by the hand and be your guide as long as it takes for you to be fully self-sufficient and continue blooming, blossoming, flourishing and living your life to the fullest. Wake up your body, mind, and world.


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