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Coach, Lil is available with Virtual Training classes.  Call to set your special time with Coach Lil. “Face Time, Skype, Duo, etc.”


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Coach Lil has trained and competed with the very best Olympic Teams in America and Australia.

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Coach Lil was in the Olympic FreeStyle Wrestler.

  • USA Beach Wrestling Champion 2006
  • Fifteen times undefeated National Australian Wrestling Champion from 1991 to 2005
  • See More Medal Details

Coach Lil trains the very best of competitive athletes, for strength and endurance. No matter what your age. She knows how to train the body and mind for competition or train in defeating the everyday aging body.


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Training by Coach Lil – Lila Ristevska

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Coach Lil Class Workouts

Classes are on hold for now due to the Coronavirus. 

Coach Lil will be back as soon as possible. For now, the training is very personalized on virtual training via Online Coaching and limited outdoor training. 





Palm Beaches Coach Lil.

Let’s GO

Olympic Mind Set, be the best you can be


  • Body and Mind Trainer
  • Olympic Lifting
  • This training will provide you with the skills to work at a high performance at any age

Body Composition Analysis

Get a body assessment to get to know your body overall fitness and assess where your critical numbers reveal about you. Like your lean muscle mass, body fat percentages. All done by your personal certified trainer. Leave knowing your precise body composition.              20 minutes $ 50.00

Get IN Shape

Real Work. Real Results.

Why Training

Popular Programs

Get the most out of your workouts. 


Customized Effective Training for your favorite sport. Maximize your training with minimal time. With a coach that watches your every move, so you get active without pain. Your training system customized for your goals

Beginner Weight Training. If you don’t know where to start, but you don’t have a lot of time to waste at the gym. This training is for you. Maximize your time for your personal goals.

So you unhappy and frustrated with your workout. You feel that you’re not developing your body into your body goals. Coach Lil has a proven recipe for success. Coach Lil will personalize a training plan that gets results of your body image goals where you are now where you want to go.

Comeback. For whatever reason, you took time off. ( Midlife crisis, injury, Baby, family issues) Get back in the game fast with a safe, effective training workout routine. Decrease injury with body and mind strengthen workouts.

Senior Workout. Get back in the game with workouts that will have you walking, standing, and living your life better. Give the gift of a healthy body to yourself.

Customized Effective Training Maximize your training with minimal time. With a coach that watches your every move, so you get active without pain. Exercise for body and mind.

Strength Training

Personalized Training for the best shape of your life. Athletic Fitness to be at the top of your game at any age. Be stronger in your Swing. Train for best muscle recovery.

Mobility Training

When your mobile and feeling like you can take on the world.

Coach Lil is more than workout programs, she is best at bringing out the best in you. Mind over matter, positive training that gets to your inner strength training that shows on the outside. Strong, Confident ready for what the day brings.

Weight Loss

Weight loss training programs. Get the weight off and keep it off. Customized plan to get you in the best shape of your life. Both body and mind training. Coach Lil will show you a better way to lose and control your weight. Exercise and tweaking your food program. Learn how to be the best version of yourself today!

What Is the OzzyBall System?

There is a sample of Coach Lil and her training style. This exercise you can do anywhere.

Please share with your family and friends this wonderful video workout. Take it to the

  • Beach
  • Park
  • Work
  • Vacation

Coach Lil wants you to keep your body and mind connected every day.

I like to have more training.

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Certified Trainer



Core Strength Training 


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Online Training Videos

Certification Classes for Trainers




Training Offered

Sport & Nutrition

Martial Arts



Brazilian Jujitsu

Weight / Resistance Training

Olympic Lifting


Resistance Bands



Functional Training


TRX- Suspension Training


Medicine Ball workout


Body Weight Training

Aerobic Conditioning Training

Beach Workout


Body Regeneration / Rejuvenation


Foam Roller

The Melt Method

Yamuna -Body Rolling

Spinal Rejuvenator

Access Consciousness- BARS



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